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Dating Nerdy

A Little About Us

Everyone is a little nerdy, some more than others but the best of us embrace it! Being called a nerd isn’t an insult. We can fly our nerd flag high with pride! So whether you’re into comic books, video games, science, movie buff, computers, engineering, larping, cosplay or fantasy and sci-fi books, Dating Nerdy just might be for you.

Dating Nerdy is a surprisingly genuine dating show for the genius, geeky, dorky and socially awkward. We want couples who wouldn’t typically step out of their comfort zone to get together, and in turn inspire everyone else to do the same!

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Behind The Scenes

We don’t just want you to see what’s on the show. We want you to connect with everyone involved. Our hope is that you see how authentic the process is as we try to connect these hopefuls. We want you to know that this is actually reality, not like the “reality” that’s out there today. Check out our behind the scenes here!

Axiom Media Productions

Axiom is the production company behind Dating Nerdy. We started Axiom because we wanted to tell stories, and our clients some large and some small trusted us to tell their stories. We’ve worked on everything from commercials to mini-docs. In 2016, we began to include original creative content. In the next few years we will be creating more shows and mini series, just because we want to tell more stories. Follow our social media sites to keep up with more of what Axiom is doing.

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